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What is a subscriber list?

What is a subscriber list?

What is a subscriber list and how can you benefit from it? Find out more at http://www.zerotoherolistbuilding.com

Video Transcript:

Hey how are you doing? This is J Lim here, and today I just wanted to share with you a little bit about what is a subscriber list. So we will jump right into it! A subscriber list is a highly targeted group of people that are interested in a certain niche or topic. For example, it could be a group of people who are interested in yoga or a group of people who are interested in being a dealer and playing poker. When you are building a list, it is very important that your list is very, very targeted.

So why is it important to be targeted? Well lets say you are selling a product on yoga. Would you want to spend your time and money promoting your product to someone who is interested in cars? It doesn’t make sense does it? You would obviously want to be promoting your product to someone who is actually interested in yoga. In essence that is actually what you are doing with your list. You’re finding out people who are interested in a certain niche or a certain topic that you have a product or service, and you are just promoting your product or service to them.

So another reason why it is really important to be targeted is that, some people may think, why not have your list as big as possible? The guy who likes cars, there’s a chance he might like yoga too! So shouldn’t we promote our product to him as well? Yes although there may be the chance that this person may also be interested in yoga, we have to remember that acquiring every person into our lists costs us time and money, and we can’t afford to be spending money on acquiring someone just on the small chance that they may be interested. We really want genuinely interested people on our list. So the takeaway for you really is to be very targeted with the people you add to your list.

So how do you build your subscriber list? Well the answer is using an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a piece of software that allows you to capture the email address of your visitors so that you can send e-mails to them in the future. Now this may seem like a very simple piece of software, but the autoresponder has really revolutionised online marketing. Without this piece of software, building a list is a lot more tedious, time-consuming and expensive. Let’s say you have a list of 300 people, can you imagine manually typing out an email to each of the 300 people? It would take ages! An autoresponder allows you do that automatically at the press of a button! It is very fast and this software is also very inexpensive now. So in another article or video, I will show you how you can very easily, quickly and cheaply set up your own autoresponder to start building your own subscriber list.

All right! If you would like to watch more videos and get more training materials, just go to the training centre at http://www.zerotoherolistbuilding.com. We’ll see you there! To the training centre Robin!


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5 Steps to Your Online Business Success

Today I am going to talk about 5 fundamental steps to Internet marketing and online business success. You need to follow these steps and take action. Once you do I have no doubt you will become a successful internet marketer.

I follow these steps in my online business on a daily basis. They are also used by many other successful marketers to make real fortunes online.

Step 1. Setting Your Initial Goals

The first step in making money online is setting goals. You have to have goals if you want to make money online or otherwise. No matter Whether you want to make $50/day or $500/day or more, the first step is to set a goal. Once you have a clear “Goal” you know exactly what you are shooting for. Just as important, your goals must be SMART goals:

  1. Specific – Your goals must be clearly defined and very specific. Having broad or general goals will have a negative impact on your business.
  2. Measurable – It is also important that your goals involve numbers or some kind of measurable metric.
  3. Attainable – Your goals have to be humanly attainable.
  4. Realistic – Setting a goal to make $5k per day by next week is not realistic.
  5. Timely – Your goals also need to have a definite time frame.

Set short and long term goals. This will allow you to achieve small successes. At the same time you will be looking at the big picture and where you want to go.

Those who become successful in the Internet Marketing field, or any other business for that matter, have set clear goals for themselves and then they never give up. They strive until they meet their goals.

Step 2. Do Your Research and Select a Niche to Promote

Do a comprehensive niche research. Make sure that the niche you choose is going to make you money. If you do this it will make focusing on your Internet marketing business much more worthwhile.

My recommendation is that you pick a niche you have an interest in. The more passionate you are about something, the easier it will be to write about it and talk about. You will find it much easier to make educated and comprehensive recommendations about your product.

Step 3. Find The Right Keywords -Do your keyword research

You will need to research keywords before you begin promoting your niche products.

Finding the right keywords is one of the keys to success in this business. So be sure you spend the time it takes to do a comprehensive keyword research before you begin. As you progress Keyword research will become secondary nature.

Step 4. Join The Right Affiliate Programs

The last step is to find a good product to promote. You can either create your own product or promote affiliate products. If you are just starting out in this business my recommendation is you begin with affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate networks that have thousands of affiliate programs. These programs cover the total range of marketing niches. Some of the following URL’s is where you can find affiliate programs to promote:

  • CJ.com (Commission Junction)
  • Linkshare.com
  • ClickBank.com

You can also join me and thousands of other successful internet marketers at IMPho.com and use our recommendations on products that we have already tested.

Step 5. Start an Advertising Campaign and Begin Building a Subscriber List

Once you’ve selected your niche, have a list of keywords together and have found the product you want to promote, it’s time to begin.

To begin with I recommend that you use only free traffic techniques. Article Marketing is the best place to start. The reason for this is you can literally get started with very little money.

For more information and quality training, I recommend you join the IMPho.com Premium Membership. You will then have access to step-by-step tutorials that will help you get started. They will help you begin to earn money fast.

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For help, training, tools, resources and personal coaching on creating profitable campaigns I highly recommend you try it out:

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The owner, Allen, truly do cares about the success of his members..

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“Take the Leap of Faith”
Once you have completed the 5 steps above, it will be up to you to take the leap.

Stay tuned for more information coming your way soon.

To your Marketing Success!


PS – Internet marketing can be a very lucrative business, and it is a business. You have to be consistent and take action. Do Not try to be perfect. Just get things done and get your sales funnel built so you can get online as soon as possible.

PPS – Have you read “Building the Perfect Sales Funnel” yet? Just a reminder to you so you will not forget. ( I will keep reminding you) Also be a seller not a buyer.


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