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The Aweber Code….And Why You Need To Promote It!

I just got an email about this brand new product on Clickbank – that is in prelaunch.

Normally unless it is really fantastic, I just let the offer slide – but I think you are going to love this because it is about list building and there is some easy money to be made!

What Is The Aweber Code?

The Aweber Code is created by the same people who just launched WhiteHat CopyCat, which I did not promote – but watched the whole process as a JV.

WhiteHat CopyCat was an amazing launch – I think they did over $50k in the first day of launch! And they are using the same creative pre-launch formula with The Aweber Code and this time I am getting in from the start!

While it is still in early pre-launch and there is not too much info on the product, I know that these guys have the credibility because a few of the major affiliate marketers such as Ewen Chia and Fabian Tan (who I follow) promote these same products, and since The Aweber Code is about list building – it definitely got my attention.

The product is all about building a massive Aweber list, but here are the numbers that will convince you to start promoting:

In PreLaunch:
  • $1-2 Per Sign Up In Prelaunch
  • $3 For Each New JV Partner
And when it launches:
  • $3-7 Per Sale
  • 15% Of The Profits Your JV’s Make!

Notice how you don’t even have to make a sale to start making money?

I am a massive fan of products that do all the work for me (one of the reasons I really like promoting Market Samurai), and with The Aweber Code, all I have to do is get people to signup for the pre-launch. And I get paid, and then when the product actually launches and they market to the same people I converted – when they actually purchase the product, I get paid again.

Even if you are not interested in promoting this product, I would still sign up as a JV – just to see how they do it. The minds behind this product have some creative ideas, and you may want to steal a few of these ideas if you ever create a product yourself.

I will keep you updated with their progress and marketing methods and see if I can convert some of their ideas into ideas that you can copy!

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